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Periodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the treatment and preservation of the tissues around the tooth, the so-called periodontium.

The periodontium is the suspension structure that surrounds and fixes the tooth in place. It consists of:

  • The gingiva (gums)
  • The dental cementum on the root surface
  • The bone bed (alveolar bone)
  • The periodontal ligament
  • The gingival groove (sulcus gingivalis)

How does periodontitis occur?

It all begins with your oral hygiene. As I wrote in the introduction, there is no tartar or inflammation without plaque. The bacteria contained in the dental plaque cause gingivitis. This stage is reversible with thorough and proper dental hygiene (effective cleaning technique + appropriate dental hygiene aids). Gingivitis is most often manifested by bleeding, tenderness or pain; the gums are swollen and red.

Untreated inflammation intensifies and spreads to the surrounding tissues. The gum starts to separate from the tooth, and periodontal pockets/trunks are formed. These trunks are gradually filled with plaque and tartar. The tartar, which is located under the gum, is dark. Over time, the gum recedes and the bone around the affected teeth resorbs (dissolves/shrinks). At this stage, you are no longer able to clean the area yourself. To stop this process, the help of a dental hygienist or dentist is necessary.

Loose teeth and subsequent loss

Since the suspension structure has been damaged, the teeth will become loose and eventually fall out. This whole process is called periodontitis.

It starts completely undetected, although there may be occasional gum bleeding. Subsequently, visible changes (such as bone loss) are detected in X-ray images. In addition, pus leakage from the gums, odor from the mouth, periodontal trunk formation, wobbling of the teeth and loss of teeth may occur. Periodontology Brno will help you with these problems. If something like this has already happened to you, see your dentist right away.

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