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Endodontics is otherwise known as root canal treatment. Re-endodontics are root canal treatments performed on a previously treated tooth. If tooth decay penetrates to the tooth nerve, an inflammation of the pulp develops. This is most often manifested by acute spontaneous pain, sometimes radiating into the surrounding areas. In this case, the root canal is treated, and not just the filling already in place. It is necessary to remove the infection from the entire “internal system“ of the tooth, properly disinfect it and fill in the canal in order to prevent reinfection.

How does the treatment work?

Endodontics consists in thorough removal of any tooth decay and faulty fillings. Then the dentist drills through the medullary cavity and finds the entrances to the root canals. After removing the nerve and thoroughly rinsing with disinfectant, the lengths of the individual caries are measured using an electrometric device such as an X-ray.

This is followed by preparing the channels, enlarging them to the required length and disinfecting them. In this way, all infections are eliminated and the ducts are cleared so that they can be filled as effectively as possible. The preparation is carried out using nickel-titanium hand and machine tools.

Root canals can be filled in several ways, most often using thin pins made from gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a rubber-like material derived from the dried sap of the Palaquium gutta tree.

After endodontic treatment, the tooth is covered with a half crown or crown (depending on the remaining hard tooth tissues).

  • It is a very complicated and demanding treatment in terms of both time and finances.
  • It is the last chance to save the tooth; if it does not work, the tooth must be extracted.

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